We receive many questions from members about the coronavirus. Thousands of freelancers suddenly lose all their work and income . What you need know and do.


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Freelancers in the cultural sector: Apply now for temporary benefit

Are you a freelancer? Then you can now apply for assistance via the temporary bridging scheme for independent entrepreneurs (TOZO).

The scheme amounts to a maximum of € 1,500.31 net per month. This is based on the existing Bbz (Decree on assistance for the self-employed), but is processed and provided more quickly.

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Cancellations and Force Majeure

The very far-reaching measures taken by the government on the advice of RIVM to combat the spread of the coronavirus have almost completely brought the cultural sector to a halt. As a result, thousands of freelancers in our sector, i.e. you, suddenly have lost almost all of their work and income.

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Foreign artists with a residence permit for the Netherlands.

What to do as an foreign artist in the Netherlands and due to the corona crisis you have barely any income at the moment? 

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Report your income losses

As a freelancer in the cultural and creative sector, you can report your cancellations due to the Corona virus on this special page of the Kunstenbond.

Report your losses
Legal help

Do you have any questions about your situatio and you are a member of the Kunstenbond, please call our legal helpdesk. Available every work day from 1 pm to 5 pm, via 020-2108052. You can also send an email to

Tax measures

The Tax Authorities cooperate in the implementation of the emergency measures and facilities. The following topics are part of this:

  • Defferal tax payment;
  • Lowering the provisional assessment;
  • Temporary reduction of recovery and tax interest.
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Moderating self-employed deduction

The government will be more leanient with the self-employed person's allowance. For freelancers and small entrepreneurs, a minimum number of hours is normally required to qualify for the so-called self-employed person's allowance. A minimum of 1,225 hours must be spent on the company in one calendar year and this must be more than half of the total working time of the entrepreneur.

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4.000 euro relief

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who are directly affected by government measures can receive a singular payment of 4.000 euros (over a 3-month period) without further questions or obligations.

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Foreign artists with a residence permit in the Netherlands

One of the criteria of the temporary bridging scheme for freelancers (TOZO) is that you are a resident an lawfully reside in the Netherlands. If you are registered in a Dutch municipality with a valid residence permit, you meet this criterion.

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Frontier work musicians and artists

What should you do as an artist when your work is abroad, where travel restrictions are now being introduced or where the borders are completely closed?

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Moderation of the Weken-eis

The short-term unemployment benefit (3 months unemployment benefit) is intended for employees and workers (who pay social premiums / employee insurance via salary or payrolling) who do not meet the so-called 'four-out-of-five requirement'. So in the five years preceding the calendar year in which unemployment arose, you worked 208 hours (per year) in at least four years.

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The Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment (NOW)

The government has taken various measures to compensate for the (economic) consequences of the corona crisis as much as possible. One of these measures is the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging for Retention of Work (NOW). It will soon be possible for employers to submit an application.

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