Creative work deserves fair income. Let's join forces & make it happen!  

You have turned your passion into your profession: you are an artist, an originator, a creator, a teacher, a supporter or a producer. Your work is appreciated, but generally it doesn't get the value it deserves.

Professional work should be rewarded at professional rates. You and everyone you work for should recognize the value of creative work. That is what it's all about at the Kunstenbond.

We are artists from all disciplines united to be strong together. We are a team of professionals designated to making this happen. 

Four reasons to join the Kunstenbond

💪 Joining forces increases impact

The creative sector is fragmented and individuals working alone stand little chance of making a difference. We're the biggest union of artists and creative workers in the Netherlands. Join us and we'll do it together!

🚦 One stop shop for all your questions regarding work and income

You will sometimes run into issues that are new to you, or questions that you are unsure about. Is it a good idea for me to become self-employed following redundancy? How do I start my own company? What should be my hourly-wage? How can I make sure that my invoices get paid? Is it a good idea for me to join a ‘Broodfonds’ group to cover the risk of incapacity for work or better get a more traditional type of insurance? The Kunstenbond helps by providing practical tools on our website, personal guidance by experts and workshops on relevant issues.

❤️ Legal assistance when you need it

Has there been an infringement of your copyright? Have you become involved in an industrial dispute? Is your contract not being complied with? These can be difficult situations to find yourself in. The Kunstenbond’s legal team stands by you, offering you practical assistance and advice throughout the legal process. You are never alone!

🔥 Influential lobby on your behalf

The Kunstenbond fights behalf of thousands of artists, for the interests of those who are originators, so that they are paid what we know they are due. For the self-employed, salaried staff and those who are both alike. We tackle employers and commissioning parties, we point out the responsibilities authorities have on both at local and national level. We actively engage in discussions with municipalities, national government, cultural funds and other organisations regarding systematic solutions. This requires persistence and a decent amount of members to represent in order to properly represent for the creative sector.

Choose your membership today

Only through the strength that comes in numbers will we be able to improve our future prospects! 

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